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Carpet Steam Cleaning in Bartow

Carpets are undoubtedly one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Whoever first thought to put the same sort of fabric you wear on your body on to the floor to make it comfortable to walk on was unquestionably a genius! The potential for beautiful design is a significant bonus. Ever since, we’ve been using carpet and decorative rugs to adorn our surroundings. There’s something about that special touch that turns a house into a home.

The one major downside? Carpets get dirty. Fast. Unlike a hardwood floors, you can’t just sweep the grime away. And if those same fibers that make carpet so breathable and lush get damp? You’ve got the perfect conditions for mold and funguses to grow. Plus, that’s to say nothing of the fact that dander, pet hair, dust, and other allergens can get trapped in the carpet as well.

If you’ve been sneezing up a storm every time you stroll through your living room, or if your carpeted rooms have a persistent musky odor, it’s time to call in the pros for carpet cleaning. And not just any carpet cleaning: Tidy Terri's Cleaning & Handyman Services uses an industrial-strength steam cleaner to sterilize your carpet and remove locked-in dirt.

Won’t it Be Cheaper to Buy a Steam Cleaner?

You might think that if your carpet is just going to attract dust and dirt all the time anyway, you might be better off buying your own carpet steam cleaner at the local hardware store.

But the fact of the matter is unless you are really diligent about steaming your carpet, odds are that steam cleaner will just be another expensive and unused appliance taking up space in your closet. Given that the most basic model can cost upwards of several hundred dollars, you need to ask yourself whether or not you’ll really use it enough to get that value out of it.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaner—But That’s Not All

The reason that Tidy Terri's Cleaning & Handyman Services is your best bet for a carpet and upholstery steam cleaner in Bartow is this: our employees are Jacks and Jills of all trades. Unlike other steam cleaning companies, we’re talented in many other areas of home maintenance. For much less than you’d pay for the cost of buying your own steam cleaner, we steam and clean your carpet, but can also organize your closets, fix small appliances and tons of other handyman services you lack the know-how to do on your own.

Best of all? You can contract us to come in at regular times—for carpet cleaning, say, every few months. That way there’s no chance that the steam cleaner you bought gathers dust in your closet while your carpet gathers dirt on your floor.

A Dedication to Customer Service

Tidy Terri's Cleaning & Handyman Services was founded with one mission in mind: helping our friends and neighbors in Bartow get the clean and functional home they want and deserve. That’s why we always build solid relationships with our clients, so we can better prioritize their needs. Want to know more? Call us today!