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Organizing Closets in Lakeland, Bartow and Mulberry

Organize Your Closet, Take Charge of Your Life

If you’re anything like most people in Mulberry, your closet is a source of shame. It’s the one part of your home you can feel at war with—just as you make one advance into the space to grab a strategic dress shirt or blouse, your closet flanks you, dropping a mound of unworn shoes onto the floor.

If you resort to taping or barricading your closet door when company comes over, or if you feel like you’re fighting a never-ending battle with your own stuff, it’s time to call the organization expert: Tidy Terri's Cleaning & Handyman Services.

Tidy Terri's Cleaning & Handyman Services was founded and is still run today by our namesake—a home improvement whiz who lives to organize homes and take care of the chores that need doing but don’t get done. And we’ve been providing closet organization solutions to people all over the Mulberry region for years now.

Closet Storage Systems That Make Sense

If you’ve got a closet that is threatening to revolt, you’ve probably gone and bought a closet organizer, which is usually a thin piece of fabric you hang from the rack that is supposed to hold all your sweaters, or maybe even a see-through plastic cabinet you intended to keep your heels in.

Well, buying something is entirely different from organizing it, and if you don’t have a system in place or a good sense of spatial dynamics, you’re likely to find yourself a temporary solution at best.

So what’s our secret? Practice, of course. In our line of work, we get the opportunity to organize dozens and dozens of closets. Like any skill, when you do something often enough, it becomes second nature. While you may make a halfhearted attempt to organize your closet shelving once every six months, we do it on a regular basis.

Looking online for closet storage hacks is a noble effort, but it involves you sitting at the computer or on your smartphone, not actually making a tangible difference to your stuff.

Small Closet Solutions

Anybody who’s ever rented an apartment or home in Mulberry knows that space comes at a premium. We’ve even seen tenants who didn’t have a single closet in their apartment—that’s right, not one—and needed Tidy Terri's Cleaning & Handyman Services’s help to come up with a creative solution to their storage woes. (It involved installing a lot of collapsible shelving.)

We make organizing small closets look like a breeze. It’s a matter of looking objectively at the stuff that needs to go into the closet, without the sentimental attachment to all that stuff. You might be trying to keep all your old photos in one box in your tiny bedroom closet when it really makes sense to have them under the coffee table in the living room.

A Closet Organizer for the Rest of Us

Hire Tidy Terri's Cleaning & Handyman Services—a natural-born closet organizer—we’ll take care of it for less, and in less time than you could imagine.